Volunteers are vitality important to any nonprofit organization. Your willingness to invest your time and talent allows Left At The Gate to reach more people, more effectively, and more efficiently.

Do you have time to help with a fundraising event? We can use recruiters, planners, event staff, and callers. Computer skills or people skills? If you're interested, we are interested in you.

One area of extreme need is for survivors who are willing and able to serve on LOSS teams in their counties of residence. We would love to introduce you to existing or planned teams to serve in a variety of roles, including responding to calls as needs arise. Click here for information on LOSS Teams.

Simply reach out to Jim Whittle at 803.760.6145 or jim@leftatthegate.org.




Left At The Gate - 803.760.6145 - Post Office Box 90975 - Columbia, South Carolina 29290