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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Left At The Gate began in April 2017. Actually, planning began before then, but our launch date was April 1st, 2017.

Our Beginning

Our beginning was working with patients at a leprosarium in the Dominican Republic. We developed relationships with the patients and people of the Dominican Republic over many years. We worked with children in a trash dump for about three years.

Following the trash dump we work with the patients at the leprosarium for about three years in the mission we started through another organization. Then we went out on our own as Left At The Gate so we could focus more directly on where God was leading.

In 2018 we lost our only child, our son Baron, to a completed suicide. The next month I had surgery that went horribly wrong and spent about four months in hospitals where I was treated for two collapsed lungs, pancreatitis, and several other issues that arose from them.

It was during this time we decided to refocus our mission to the United States.

Where We Are Now

We are now directing our efforts to helping survivors of suicide, people who have lost loved ones in traumatic ways. LOSS teams, resources, and programs are all part of where we will make an impact. Providing hope and encouragement will be our goals.

Helping establish LOSS teams throughout the counties of South Carolina to assist families during the most difficult days of their lives, following losses due to suicide is one of our most important aims in providing hope and encouragement. LOSS teams will provide information immediately following a loss in order to expedite care and knowledge needed to negotiate the survivors days ahead.

Left At The Gate will utilize resources toward supporting and starting programs that are therapeutic in nature for those who have suffered losses. We will work with providers to educate them, the public, and survivors on the importance of having therapeutic outlets available to survivors.

Assistance in providing training to those who can provide services will be a factor in our work. Whether it is securing training for those wanting to start LOSS teams or for those willing and able to provide programs and services to loss survivors, Left At The Gate will lead the effort to secure professionals to provide the necessary training and education.

What To Expect

LOSS teams require proper recruiting, training, and buy-in from a number of different entities. This takes time. This takes coordination. And this will take finding those willing to reach, care, and share with others during the most difficult days of their lives.

Our work has started. We believe the timeline for recruiting, training, and implementing our first LOSS team may take up to one year. Our outreach to loss survivors starts today.

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