Dying for Encouragement

Scripture to Read: Deuteronomy 3:23-29

Command Joshua, and encourage him and strengthen him. — Deuteronomy 3:28

In Deuteronomy 3 we read that Moses encouraged Joshua as he was about to assume leadership of the Israelites. No doubt Joshua was filled with fear and a feeling of inadequacy to fill Moses’ shoes. The Lord therefore told Moses to encourage Joshua. All of us need a word of encouragement from time to time to spur us on when we are facing a major new challenge. But we also need words of appreciation and commendation as we carry out our daily responsibilities, whether at home or at work.

When a corporate accountant committed suicide, an effort was made to find out why. The company’s books were examined, but no shortage was found. Nothing could be uncovered that gave any clue as to why he took his life—that is, until a note was discovered. It simply said: “In 30 years I have never had one word of encouragement. I’m fed up!” Many people crave some small sign of approval. They need a word of recognition, a caring smile, a warm handshake, and an honest expression of appreciation for the good we see in them or in their work.

Every day let’s determine to encourage (not flatter) at least one person. Let’s do our part to help those around us who are dying for encouragement.

By: Richard DeHaan

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