What is a LOSS Team?

A LOSS Team (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) is part of the Active PostVention Model developed by Dr. Frank Campbell, a world-renowned suicidologist who has trained thousands of volunteers and others in the method, best practices, and coordination of implementing teams.

Teams consist of trained volunteers and mental health professionals acting as volunteers. A response team to the scene of a suicide usually consists of 2-3 volunteers of who at least one is a suicide loss survivor and/or a current trained Richland Count Coroner's CARE team member. Suicide (loss) survivors are people who have had a loved one complete a suicide. In addition and often as a result of their loss a survivor may be at risk due to their emotional response. This may also include unhealthy coping methods and sometimes attempting suicide themselves.

The responding LOSS Team is activated by first response officials when a suicide occurs to provide resources, support, and hope to suicide survivors. The volunteers provide immediate assistance to survivors to help them cope with the trauma of their loss, provide follow-up contact with the survivors, and coordinate the utilization of services and support groups within the community. 


LOSS teams operate at the pleasure of the county Coroner and are meant to complement the services at the scene of a suicide.


Left At The Gate encourages all those interested in serving on a LOSS team to work together to provide hope and encouragement to those who are experiencing the worst days of their lives.


Can I Serve On A LOSS Team?

The success of LOSS team programs rests on the recruiting of great volunteers. If you have a desire to help others during the most difficult time many will face, we would love to talk with you. Our current focus is on the counties of South Carolina. 

You can expect to have a background check as required by the Coroner's office. You should be at least two years out from any traumatic personal loss by suicide you've experienced. You can still be a non-responding part of the team, serving in administrative and supportive roles. You should be at a point where you want to help other survivors. Please contact us at LeftAtTheGate.org if you are interested in serving on a LOSS team.

Success of bringing a LOSS team to your county depends heavily on finding the person in your county who is interested in building a team of other volunteers. If you are this person, please contact us at LeftAtTheGate.org

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