For Survivors of Suicide

and Those Who Care About Them





I pray that each of you and your families has a safe, blessed, and Merry Christmas!

This is a bittersweet message.

Janet and I have decided to transition the resources of Left At The Gate to another organization with a long successful history of working in postvention for survivors of suicide loss. We want you to know we are grateful for the support you provided; some going all the way back to our first days working in the mission field back in 2010. Without you, Left At The Gate would not have been possible.

This year will mark the completion of approximately 11 years of work in missions.
Along the way, your support, prayers, love, and interest blessed our journey.

We had many opportunities to share with old friends and met many new friends.

2018 threw the worst at us. We experience(d) great grief in our loss of Baron and my health took a downturn following a difficult surgery and a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. And like everyone else we have lived with the uncertainties of Covid-19 and the many issues facing our country and our world.

Your support has never waivered.

Left At The Gate is strong financially. This makes our decision easier.

At this point in our journey I plan to take some much needed time to devote to my health and quality time with Janet. We will no longer be operating as Left At The Gate.

The remaining funds of Left At The Gate will be placed in a donor directed fund, in memory of our son Baron O’Neal, through the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center (BRCIC), a like-minded mission. Our hope is through this organization to further the many successes they’ve had over the years working with LOSS teams and in suicide prevention and postvention. This allows us to have a greater impact globally and domestically, including here in South Carolina.

Once I have completed the legal filings and obligations necessary for Left At The Gate, I will share more about the work of the BRCIC. I encourage you to support their work if you feel led in this direction.

Janet & I will continue to personally support work in suicide prevention and post-vention. We also have and will continue to personally support efforts to assist those living with the effects of leprosy, especially our friends in the Dominican Republic.

We appreciate each of you. And please continue to watch for and read my writings as I attempt to share our experiences and stories in life.

With sincere love and appreciation,

Jim & Janet Whittle 

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There were 838 suicides in South Carolina in 2017. It is the states 10th leading cause of death. As a state we rank 26th in suicide deaths per 100,000 people. Many believe suicides are underreported.

For every completed suicide, estimates are that there are at least 6 persons deeply affected. Experts say this is a very conservative number.


Survivors of suicide experience shocking, painful, and often unexpected loss. The grief is intense and manifests itself in different ways, in different people. Grief does not always move forward and there is no timeframe for it.

The stigma that accompanies suicide that keeps someone contemplating suicide from seeking help also often keeps survivors from seeking help. This stigma effects men, women, and children of all ages, races, and ethnicities.

Our goal at Left At The Gate is to get information on resources and programs into the hands of survivors of suicide loss in an efficient and effective way, providing an element of hope and encouragement to those whose "normal" changed forever on the "worst day of their lives."


Left At The Gate - 803.760.6145 - Post Office Box 90975 - Columbia, South Carolina 29290